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The United Nations (UN) has worked well over recent decades and its roll in shaping a post war world will be recorded in history as a great success. Indeed, the UN was only really meant to lay the foundations for future greater political and economic integration. Current global problems faced by all human kind will never be solved by world institutions in their current form.


The vision is to reduce our political governance to just a two tiered political system - one at a global level and one at a local level.


The first tier of government would see the current UN infrastructure of 196 countries, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and other World organisations forming the foundation of the new Earth Government, with the existing post of UN Secretary General becoming the Earth President. This role would become an elected position. All nations on our planet would be represented equally and accountable to the Earth Government by Ambassadors, with no one country / national government having dominance.


The second political tier would be based on a strong local structure of local people representing the communities they live in. Decisions affecting localities will be decided by much greater electoral input and consultation.


The question you are probably now asking yourself is how can another political organisation make any kind of difference.


The answer is simple - political stream lining, defining a new strategic plan for humankind and global co-ordination towards a new fair, social Capimmunism, equal and Green Economy - one in which respects, promotes and preserves individual national cultures as well providing a much needed vision for humanity. As it is said - we can only grow if we know our roots.


Current national governments are not addressing our global problems or helping their people; they have failed! Many are illegitimate dictatorships and any attempts at International conferences, i.e. G8, G20, either fail to deliver upon promises made or are too elitest by excluding smaller countries. The consequences of no action are and will be disasterous.


Unemployment, especially amongst the youth, are at record levels and are now totally unacceptable. We need to be in a position where we see ourselves having a role in society as opposed to just a job!


Governance of an Earth Government (first tier of goverment) will be by around 30 "elected experts" (professionals from each field) / national representatives (male and female) for each country - a first Ambassador (representing the Country at global level, and an Ambassador for each of the following: Environment, Energy, Economy/Finance, Health, Education, Transport, Emergency Planning & Response, Justice and Trade. This would be the Leadership Team of the country.


The second local tier will consist of elected non partisan Community Representatives and elected Governors to champion good stewardship and to drive change. Any ideas proposed by the Earth Government will be passed to local communities for consultation and vice versa.


Election funding will either be through a central Earth Government fund or entirely self funded. Candidates will be able to access a 0% loan which will be re-payable over the 5 year election term. There will be a ceiling on the amount which can be borrowed or spent in any election. Candidates will be authorised to obtain donations to assist the repayment of the loan. These will be small in amount, limited by donor, audited and published. Non-payment of loans from previous election campaigns will result in the disqualification of these candidates standing in future elections leading to imprisonment in cases of non-cooperation and fraud.


This will result in a streamlined system offering quite phenomenal savings together with accessible democracy for all.


We also need news services around the world to be free to report on all issues and to be fully independant from government. We want journalists to be the eyes and ears of the Earth Government.


What we must remember is that a government must be frightened of its people, and not its people frightened of its government!