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A global Energy Strategy with renewable sources at its core. The planet requires an urgent programme of mass production and installation of wind farms and solar plants on land and at sea, so that we cut carbon emissions by 90% of present levels within 5 years.


An Earth Electrical Grid is to be established so that electricity surpluses are transferred according to need to all countries.


Carbon capture technology is to used on all existing coal power stations for the remainder of their short lifespan. These power stations and gas powered stations are to be phased out as soon as alternative energy sources come online. Nuclear power is not a totally renewable resource and is certainly not carbon free. Its availability may only assist an Earth Government in the short term. An Earth Government will look seriously into developing a THORIUM based nuclear power station; and if successful will rollout across the planet. Biofuel technology is also not an option as this reduces valuable land which is so urgently required for the production of food.


We are against energy extraction which involves Fracking, Gasification, and other forms of fossil fuel usage. We are also believe there is no viability in the continued use of Uraniam nuclear production.


The planet requires mass development of both macro generation of electricity through solar plants together with micro generation of electricity in peoples homes ie solar panels, and this must be provided free of charge by an Earth Government. This technology must be incorporated into the standard build of all future house building projects.