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A new global strategic Earth Space Agency is to be established which will replace all existing national space programs.


Our current approach is dysfuctional and non strategic, with significant sums of money being ploughed into cost centres which are being replicated by many countries.


The new ESA will examine ways into developing futuristic technologies, including space gravity, zero carbon space travel, clearing space junk around our planet, the possibility of space agriculture, asteroid mining, planetary defence from asteroids and the creation of a Martian space colony.


Its long term goal though will be the identification of an Earth 2 planet which can later be colonised.


The moon must be left alone due to its gravitational importance in controlling our tides.


It is envisaged that public investment will provide the main back bone of all exploration and security with private partnership providing the anxillary support and supplies transportation.


Our planet cannot really support 6.5 billion people rising to 9 billion by 2050. Only a coherent space programme will alleviate such population pressures and at the same time assist with the survival of humankind.