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An Earth Government will set up an Emergency Rapid Reaction and Planning Agency which will have the resources and money at its finger tips, instead of the current cap in hand situation which has over reliance upon aid agencies and donations. It will be funded by using existing Aid budgets and the use of current defence equipment and personnel.


This agency will provide rapid reaction and deployment of resources, including food, water, shelter, equipment, medical supplies and people power during times of emergency in any part of the world. It will have fully resourced air craft carriers and fleets of helicopters. We must turn our current military strengths towards a direction of assistance rather than conflict.


It will also prepare national countries for the effects of climate change. This Agency could see the amalgamation of all current aid agencies inorder to utilise best practice and shared resources thus avoiding duplication. This clearly would have had an impact for the USA during hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes in China, floods in Pakistan, the ebola outbreak and the fires in Russia, Australia and Canada.