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A future Earth Government would seek to establish the following legislation (although not in any particular order):

1. An Earth Peace Treaty

2. A Global Clean Air Charter

3. A Global Nuclear Missile free Charter

4. A Global Data Protection Charter

5. A Global Free Movement of People Charter

6. A Global Free Trade Chater

7. A Global Clean Air Charter

8. Earth Health Service Charter

9. A Global Energy Charter

10. Earth Education Charter

11. A Global Sanitation Charter

12. A Global Clean Water / Oceans Charter

13. An Earth Science, R+D and Innovation Charter

14. An Earth Defence Charter

15. An Earth Rapid Response + Emergencies Charter

16. An Earth Coatguard Charter

17. A Global Security and Intelligence Charter

18. A Global Transport Charter

19. A Global Social Infrastructure + Improvement Charter

20. An Earth Justice Charter

21. An Earth Space Agency Charter

22. A Global Data Protection Charter