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An Earth Justice Agency will utilise the current infrastructure of the International Criminal Courts, but with far greater powers. It will provide a clear Earth Government Criminal Justice strategy which will once and for all establish Earth Law. Earth Law will replace current legislation of International law but with far greater authority. An Earth Justice Agency will include the establishment of an Earth Police Force, which for the first time ever will witness a truly joined up law enforcement agency.


Our civilization requires a reasoned debate in relation to gun control. Events in the USA have demonstrated that much tougher regulations are needed in the purchasing and ownership of guns. Ideally, no civilian should have access to a weapon, however, we recognize the situation is not always as clear cut as that. What is for certain though is that the current situation cannot be maintained.


Recent events in some African countries and in India have witnessed the appalling rape of women and young girls, by individuals and by gangs. An Earth Government will stamp out this disgraceful crime by proposing total life sentences for offenders. And life would really mean for the rest of the perpetrators natural life.


A review will take place into the world's correctional / rehabilitative services and prison estate with the aim of finding a balance in our our continued struggle between incarceration and community led rehabillitation. In partnership with the Earth Space Agency consideration should be made to build a space prison.