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The creation of an Earth Health Service will ensure the provision of at least basic health care to every human being, including those in remote rural locations. The EHS will provide free medicines at point of need, provision of clean water, and health education projects. Every human being is unique and an Earth Government would protect all peoples of every country.


We need to further resource developing new cures for all cancers and treating AIDS/HIV throughout the world, especially in developing countries. An Earth Government would fund and distribute such medicines. Coordinated work needs to be carried out in addressing so called 'bird flus' and managing pandemics, such ebola and zika.


It would be well within the reach of an Earthgovernment to wipe out malaria through vacinations and the provision of mosquito nets.


An earthgovernment would fund projects to improve sanitation across the globe. Starting first with improving basic sanitation systems in developing countries and moving to a situation whereby waste disposal is carried out through use of microwave technology. Microwave technology has been developed already and could be piloted in developed countries within a few years, thus ending our reliance upon clean water in flushing away waste.


We must address the issue of the lack of clean drinking water around the globe. A prime goal for any future Earthgovernment would be to provide clean water for drinking and bathing to every human being within 5 years.


Humanity must make a societal shift in its attitude towards those people who are drug users from criminality to those reqiring medical help. Similar medical assistance must to provided to those with alcohol problems.


A recent invention in the UK is the 'lifesaver bottle' which converts dirty water into clean water. This is just one example in which new technology can be rolled out in a targeted way to save lives.