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An Earth Environment Agency will provide the immediate protection of all rainforests, woodlands, polar/perma regions, endangered species and ecosystems with a restoration to pre 1950 equatorial tropical rainforest boundaries. All current and future clean technologies will be shared.


Clean air is a basic human right and therefore we propose the introduction of a Clean Air Charter.


An EEA will establish a global argricultural strategy which must set up a full and independant inquiry into the suitability of GM crops and stem cell food production. These may not be suitable ways forward but we need to know before too much damage is inflicted onto natural species.


The EEA will set up an Earth Recycling Agency in which recycable products will be assigned a commodity value i.e 5cents for a plastic bottle, for example, together with the creation of recycling centres set up as franchises.


Energy efficient lightbulbs and the installation of solar panels in homes will be funded by the Earth Government as part of the global energy strategy.


A new approach is required in regard to packaging of foods and flat packed material. We need to create a new substitute for cardboard, plastic wrapping and polystryrene.


The human race needs to rethink its position on airline travel, in terms of cheap holiday flights; and the transporation of food via shipping. Shipping actually causes more carbon emissions than aeroplanes! A global strategy on both must be implemented to reduce carbon emissions. Food production must be more locally focused with far greater emphasis on animal welfare.