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An Earth Education Agency will ensure that all schools, especially in developing countries, are equipped with the necessary resources, such as teachers, buildings, books and computers /technology, to provide every child with a decent and rewarding education.


The development of a standard academic qualification requires careful consideration. Such a qualification would replace the current fragmented educational systems in place in every country. An Earthgovernment would commission an independant working group to propose the content of such a syllabus, tailoring the need for each country in terms of language, art, geography and history, as well as meeting the challenges we arte going to face and the need to nuture young doctors, scientists and engineers.


We need to think of our planet as a business, ensuring we have the right people, in the right job with the right skill sets and at the right time. And if we haven't got this mix right we need to train and coach people rather than enslaving them to a life of claiming benefits.


Central to this is the education of girls as well as boys in all countries. The exclusion of girls in our education systems is totally unacceptable and decronian. Our children are our future and we would be wise to invest in them. We are currently failing the children of our planet.