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This website outlines an established vision for the creation of an Earth Government.

There is currently much media discussion around climate change / the green house effect and how this will affect planet Earth and human civilization eg Copenhagen Conference in 2009; the South American conference of Caucan in 2011, the Rio +20 conference in 2012, as well as numerous G20 meetings; all of which seem to have failed. It is clear that any changes in our climate - whether regional or global, will have a serious impact upon us all. It is well evidenced that climate change is being caused by human activity.

Climate change will be humanity's Armageddon and will result in the melting of the polar regions, changing of the Gulf stream, mass species extinction, rising sea levels, drowning of lowland coastal areas, depleted freshwater reserves, reduction in agricultural capacity, mass human migration, famine, civil and international wars.

However, climate change is not the only problem humankind has - natural disasters, failing economies; such as the Euro zone, the so called Arab spring, poverty; especially shanty towns, famine; such as that currently in Ethiopia, AIDS/HIV, world debt, energy security, international disputes, so termed terrorism, confused tiers of government, corruption, unacceptable unemployment, an electoral apathy towards political systems, intolerable racism, child labour, female oppression, child soldiers, human trafficking, slavery, dictatorships and crimes against humanity to name just a few problems. The human race is on the brink of disaster if it carries on in the way it is at the moment. We must act now and we must act as if we were at war - a war for peace and for our survival.

These great strategic issues lack global leadership. Global political reform is therefore proposed in which all countries are represented by an Earth Government.

We must remember that the planet belongs to all of us, we are all equal, and we are all just visitors.

Author: WP